Keeping My Home Energy Consumption Down

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Reducing Energy Use In The Convenience Store

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If you’re about to buy a convenience store franchise, the utility bills are going to be among your top concerns. These are heavy power users, and you’ve got to find a way to conserve energy wherever you can. It is possible, so take heart – your franchise can become energy efficient after a few modifications. Check Refrigerator and Freezer Doors Throughout the day (and night, if the place is open 24 hours), have a staff member periodically inspect the doors on the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Read More»

3 Reasons To Install Fire Sprinklers In Your Home

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Most homes today have at least one smoke detector somewhere that can help alert you and your family in the case of a fire. But more and more homeowners today are choosing to also take a look at fire suppression systems. More often than not, fire sprinklers are the popular choice. Maybe the idea of spraying water inside your house doesn’t strike you as a great idea, but it’s something that you will be eternally grateful for if it ends up saving your life. Read More»

How To Check On Your Home After A Storm

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Storm damage can be a serious problem for any homeowner to encounter. However, many people are not overly informed when it comes to this routine problem. In order to help you be a better prepared and informed homeowner, you should make sure to follow these basic tips after strong storms move through your area. Inspect The Roof And Attic Ceiling For Signs Of Damage The roof is one of the most exposed portions of your house, and as a result, it can be fairly common for this part of a house to suffer relatively intense damage. Read More»

Got Drugs? How To Safely Dispose Of Unwanted Medications

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It used to be that when someone had leftover or unwanted medications, they simply flushed them down the toilet and never gave it another thought. Now, more and more people are realizing this probably isn’t the best thing to do. Here’s what you need to know about safely and responsibly handling your hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal. What Is Deemed Hazardous Waste? Hazardous waste is defined as any substance that when improperly disposed of can negatively affect the health of humans, animals, or the environment. Read More»

Designing Emergency Power and Restoration Plans

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If you’re an emergency services provider or would like to increase your business’s uptime to include emergency situations, you’ll need a backup power system at the core of your planning. To keep everything running as normally as possible and to maintain a higher level of proficiency, everything from backup generators to batter failover systems should be put in place to either bring online after area power loss or to automatically kick in at low levels of power failure. Read More»

Restaurant Owners: Disposal Options That Are More Sustainable

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In any restaurant setting, there is going to be waste. No matter how careful you might be to cut down on waste – which is obviously important if you want to cut costs – you will have to dispose of certain things that come out of your kitchen and dining area. Luckily, there are sustainable options for some of the common waste items in a restaurant, so consider looking into these options so that you can feel good about the way that you run your business. Read More»

3 Reasons To Rent A Dumpster For Your Home Improvement Project

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Whether you are ripping up an old roof piece by piece or taking a jackhammer to your old asphalt driveway, chances are that any major home improvement project is going to create a bit of a mess and it’s not the kind that the local garbage man is going to want to haul away for you. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: dumpster rental. Here are three reasons you should rent a dumpster for your next big do-it-yourself construction project. Read More»