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3 Reasons To Install Fire Sprinklers In Your Home

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Most homes today have at least one smoke detector somewhere that can help alert you and your family in the case of a fire. But more and more homeowners today are choosing to also take a look at fire suppression systems. More often than not, fire sprinklers are the popular choice. Maybe the idea of spraying water inside your house doesn't strike you as a great idea, but it's something that you will be eternally grateful for if it ends up saving your life. Here are three reasons why you should get a fire sprinklers system installed in your home.

Give Your Family More Time to Escape

If you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of the smoke detector, you will understandably be startled. It can be especially harrowing if you have kids in the house and need to make sure everyone is okay. While you will obviously want to get out of the house as quickly as possible, having a fire sprinkler system kick in could potentially calm the flames enough to give you some additional time. 

Protect Your Property

When there is a fire in the home, your first and really only priority should be getting out. You might be able to grab one important family heirloom but for the most part, trying to save a bunch of your personal belongings is a bad idea. But if you have fire sprinklers installed, you can at least be hopeful that perhaps the fire will not spread dramatically and do significant damage to the entire home. Yes, the fire department will hopefully arrive quickly, but those first few minutes can be very important for containing a fire and preserving the contents of your home.

The System Will Not Drench Everything

A common misconception about fire sprinklers is that when one turns on, all of them turn on. But that's simply not true with today's modern technology. Fire sprinkler systems today will only activate the sprinklers that are located near the source of the fire. So if the fire ends up being minor and not life-threatening, you may only have a single sprinkler turn on. This will help protect your electronics, carpeting and other goods throughout your home. Furthermore, keep in mind that the sprinklers are activated by heat, not smoke. So you don't have to worry about the sprinklers coming on every time you blow out a candle.

Smoke detectors are a solid choice for anyone looking to protect their family from fire, but if you want to further improve the odds of getting out safely, consider installing a fire sprinkler system. Having a system in your home that can actually suppress the fire instead of just warning you about it could give you and your family more time to escape and help protect the contents of your home until the fire department arrives. Contact a professional contractor today for more information.