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How To Check On Your Home After A Storm

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Storm damage can be a serious problem for any homeowner to encounter. However, many people are not overly informed when it comes to this routine problem. In order to help you be a better prepared and informed homeowner, you should make sure to follow these basic tips after strong storms move through your area.

Inspect The Roof And Attic Ceiling For Signs Of Damage

The roof is one of the most exposed portions of your house, and as a result, it can be fairly common for this part of a house to suffer relatively intense damage. Unfortunately, a storm damaged roof can create major problems for your house, and you may assume that it will always be easy to notice this type of damage. Yet minor roof damage can be extremely difficult to see. Due to this fact, you should closely examine the roof and the attic ceiling after strong storms. During these inspections, you should look for missing or misaligned shingles as well as punctures on the roof. Sadly, some of these damages may be too small for you to see. To help you catch these damages, you should inspect the ceiling in the attic. If you notice water spots on the ceiling of the attic, you should contact a roof repair professional so that the minor leak can be isolated and repaired.

Look For Excessive Erosion Around The Base Of The House

Many homeowners will fail to appreciate the threat that uncontrolled erosion can pose to their home. However, it must be noted that if the soil around the base of your home is allowed to erode away, it is possible for the foundation of your home to suffer extensive damage due to moisture exposure. Following storms with heavy rain, you should perform a quick visual inspection of the soil around the base of the home. If you notice an area that is suffering severe erosion, you should have more soil added to the area. Also, you may want to have a landscaping professional create a plan for minimizing this erosion in the future.

Evaluate The Trees Near Your Home For Damage

Having large trees on your property can add beauty and shade to your land. However, trees can be extremely susceptible to suffering damage from storms. If the large branches suffer damage, they may gradually die and rot, which can put them at a risk of falling. After any storms with strong winds, you should walk through your yard and inspect the condition of the largest tree branches. If you notice a branch appears to have suffered damaged, you may need to hire a tree care professional to safely cut the branch down. Otherwise, it could be at a risk of falling and damaging your house.