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2 Signs The Stormwater System For Your Business's Parking Lot Needs Professional Maintenance

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If your commercial property has a parking lot, you may already do what you feel needs to be done to maintain the surface pavement. However, there is a network of drainage pipes underneath the lot where water from the stormwater system's catch basins is collected and dispersed.

If this system is not cleaned out regularly and properly maintained, flooding can occur during a torrential downpour because it is no longer able to efficiently process the excess water. Before flooding occurs in your parking lot, be on the lookout for a couple of signs that the stormwater system for your business's parking lot is in need of professional maintenance. 

1. Surface Ground And/or Concrete above the Catch Basins Have Started to Sag

One sign that you should watch for when determining whether there is an issue with your parking lot's storm drainage system is the sagging of the surface ground and/or concrete above the catch basins. To locate the catch basins, look for grates or openings on the sides of the curbs in the parking lot.

If the system has become clogged or the pipes have started to corrode, too much water will remain in the underground portion of the basins. Because the water never completely drains out, it will start to erode the ground and concrete sides of the basins, which leads to their slow collapse as evidenced by the sagging. 

2. Foul Odors Are Detected in the Area Immediately Around the Grates

While checking for sagging around the catch basins, another sign you should look for is a foul odor that will be detectable immediately around the grates. This odor has a couple of possible causes, both of which require professional cleaning and maintenance.

First, there may be a clog that contains accumulated food, chemicals, and organic debris that is decomposing while it blocks part of the system. Second, if the system uses corrugated steel pipes, microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) may be taking place which is causing them to deteriorate rapidly. Either of these issues will eventually cause flooding in your parking lot and should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

Since the storm drains for your business's parking lot are a catch-all for water, chemicals, and debris, issues with flooding can arise if you do not have the system cleaned and maintained regularly. If you notice that the ground and concrete above the catch basins are sagging and/or detect a foul odor, there may be a blockage within the underground system.

Contact a company that offers stormwater system cleaning and maintenance to learn more.